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Music Rituals in Temples of South India (by Geetha Rajagopal  ; ISBN: 9788124605387)

D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd. 

25 cm. 

xiv, 258 


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The book presents a wealth of information on the music rituals in temples at various places in south India. Following visits to a number of temples and based on interviews with temple artistes, the author shows that the musical traditions of temples differ from temple to temple, particularly from Vaishnavite to Shaivite temples.

Beginning with the place of music in the Vedas, the book discusses music itself as a form of worship and the role of temples in promoting it. It focuses on the musical contributions of Nayanmars and Alvars whose hymns are sung today as a daily ritual in many temples, and compares their music. It concentrates on both vocal and instrumental music, dance forms as rituals in temples, and music and singing involved in temple festivals. Many interesting inscriptions and sculptures related to dance and music have also been taken up for discussion. In a fascinating attempt, the author has dealt with unique music traditions in some temples of south India like ragas associated with specific temples only and the tradition of nagasvaram playing in Tiruvarur temple.

The volume will enthral scholars of Indology, particularly those involved in study of religious art and music traditions.


About The Author
Geetha Rajagopal’s tryst with Carnatic Music began during her formative years in Bengaluru, where she picked up the subtle nuances of this rich art form.

In 2000 she took over as the Executive Director of “Sampradaya” one of the world’s richest Carnatic Music Archives that began its operations in 1980 with a grant from Ford Foundation. She revitalized the organization with a series of programmes and workshops. She has done a 30 minute documentary “A Tryst with the Trinity” as a part of Ford Foundation project. She also embarked on an ambitious Sangeet Natak Akademi’s research project on “Music Traditions in South Indian Temples” for which she was awarded the Senior Fellowship.

She has authored two books -- Music Rituals in the Temples of South India and Sri Muthuswamy Dikshitar: Exploring the Six Facets of the Genius. She has been writing in leading journals on music and her passion — Animal Rights.