Avi Publishers

Welcome to Avi Publishers

Avi Publishers Publishing with Rhythm An offshoot from a family of book publishers and exporters, Avi Publishers, is set to take the Performing Arts of India to a new league. The Group has played a key role in promoting Indian books in India and abroad over the last five decades. Within a short span of twenty years, activities of this publishing group – under the aegis of D.K. Printworld – have become a name to reckon with, in the field of Indology.

Our Vision 
Our Vision Be the numero uno publisher in the field of “Performing Arts of India”.

Our Mission
Give the performing Arts of India a unique identity by specifically segmentizing, promoting and popularizing the Indian art forms across the globe through quality publications, and other modes of information dissemination. Armed with the experiences of the past and the expertise of publishing more than three dozens of titles on Performing Arts – through DK Printworld and Readworthy Publications – we are determined to carve a niche for the Performing Arts of India, under the banner of Avi Publishers, casting our eyes on alpha to omega of Indian performing arts – be it cinema, circus, dance, music, puppetry or theatre – in all their versions and forms. Their lineage and numerous forms – across regions and languages, with varied historical, philosophical, and cultural backgrounds – demand our keen attention. Many of these art forms are intertwined with the cultural, philosophical, and religious fabrics of our life. Through Avi Publishers, we provide ample opportunity for the authors/researchers in the domain to publish their authentic research or scholarly works, giving the Indian performing arts a new definition, meaning and an international audience.