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Elements of Hindustani Classical Music (by Shruti Jauhari  ; ISBN: 9788124607992)

D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd. 

23 cm. 

xxv, 190 


Rs. 600.00 



Hindustani classical music, a jewel in the crown of the Indian musical tradition, has become increasingly popular in South India and abroad over the last few decades. This book attempts to present a detailed and comprehensive discussion of the fundamental concepts and aspects of Hindustani classical music. It begins with an account of the history and evolution of Hindustani classical music by taking up developments in a chronological order. It explains a number of terms and processes involved in the performance of Hindustani classical vocal music. In an interesting discussion, it mentions the various famous gharanas of the genre and deals with the life-histories of some of their eminent musicologists and singers. The musical instruments which are used in accompaniment to the vocal singing in Hindustani music are described. It also details the rags which are frequently presented in contemporary musical concerts, highlighting the important features of each.

The book will be useful to all those who wish to learn and acquire knowledge of Hindustani classical music. It will be of interest to all practitioners of Hindustani classical music.


About The Author
Shruti Jauhari is a noted performing artiste of Hindustani classical music.

She has been teaching Hindustani classical vocal music for the last fifteen years. Since 1988, she has been a regular and graded artiste at the All India Radio. She has been performing extensively in India and abroad and conducts regular workshops and lecture-demonstrations on voice-culture as a specialised subject. She is actively involved and associated with various organisations and institutions promoting Hindustani classical music. Currently, she is faculty member for Hindustani classical vocal music at KMMC, a music conservatory promoted by the Oscar winner Dr A.R. Rahman.

More details about the author are available at: www.shruti.in