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Modern Introduction of Indian Aesthetic Theory (by S.S. Barlingay  ; ISBN: 9788124603772)

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23 cm. 

xxvi, 374p. 


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The foundation of the Indian aesthetic theory can be traced to Bharatamuni's Natyashastra where he gave his theory of beauty (theory of rasa) which was later elaborately developed by learned scholars. In this work, Prof. Barlingay examines the development of the rasa theory by various authorities on art and aesthetics and finally presents his own critical understanding of it.

The volume begins with a survey of the history of Indian art by examining painstakingly the relation between art and beauty, perception of time and space in art, and classification of arts. It then plunges into a detailed study of origin and development of rasa theory: from rasa in the Vedas and Upanishads to Bharata's rasa theory and perspectives of Abhinavagupta, Bhattatauta, Bhatta Lollata, Kuntaka, Dandin, Mammata, Vamana, Rudrata, Vishvanatha, Bhamaha, Jagannatha and others who enriched it further with their own theories. It explains how principles were employed and re-employed by the masters to reveal various meanings, inter-relationships, symbols, and perceptions of art. It highlights the salient features of each master's unique manner of interpretation of art concepts.

The work is a must for scholars and students keen to study the fundamentals of concept and theory of Indian art, particularly with reference to drama and poetics.


About The Author
Prof. S.S. Barlingay (1919-1997) would be remembered as a teacher, educationist, journalist, social reformer, political activist rolled in one and for his markedly unorthodox views on different fields ranging from epistemology and logic to aesthetics and social philosophy.

Though a believer in concept of one-world and one international order, his belief in 'Indianness' is reflected in many of his writings, philosophic or otherwise. The present book is a unique example of this. Educated in Nagpur, Prof. Barlingay was associated with several national and international institutions from Amalner, Nanded and Pune to SV University, Tirupati, Delhi University, University of Zagreb, Croatia and University of Western Australia, Perth. He was founder editor of Indian Philosophical Quarterly and Paramarsh (Hindi and Marathi). Dr. Barlingay was recipient of many academic honours and awards. He was a senior fellow of Indian Council of Historical Research, Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR), national fellow of ICPR, national lecturer of University Grants Commission and life time Prof. Emeritus University of Poona. Prof. Barlingay, traveled extensively in India and abroad, had authored several books in English, Hindi and Marathi.