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Shri Sangita Kaladhara; by Dahyalala Shivarama; Hindi translation by Bihari Byohara and Chetna Jyotisha Byohara (by Dahyalal Shivram (edited by Premlata Sharma)  ; ISBN: 9788124603635)

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29 cm. 

xlii, 546p. 


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Sangita Kaladhara is a music treatise in Gujarati, written by Dhahyalal Shivaram between 1885 and 1901. The present volume is a translation in Hindi by Anil Bihari Byohar and Chetana Jyotishi Byohar, and edited by Premlata Sharma. It is a treasure house of music and related topics. It vividly describes the origin of sound waves, their flow, absorption, different tunes, scientific details of music, introduction to the staff notations of Western music, traits on composing Indian musical notes, how to sing and listen music in a scientific way, among many more topics. It also introduces the popular Indian and Western musicians.


About The Author
Dahyalal Shivram (1869-1924) was a self educated traditional Sanskrit scholar, belonging to a family of well-known personalities adept in literature, arts and culture. His family had enjoyed the patronage of the rajas of Bhavanagar, Gujarat. Dahyalal was proficient in Gujarati and Sanskrit. Sri Sangeet Kaladhar is the result of his fifteen years of dedicated research.